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Friendly Football Match

01/11/2011 12:28

ON 5TH of November, CONER organised a friendly football match with the students of UNION BIBLICAL SEMINARY (UBS). The game was played at DE NOBILI COLLEGE (DNC) ground. The minister of the House was the Chief guest and expresed his sincere apreciations for the CONER group for been very helpful in many ways to the community. There was a good response for the same from the members. The CONER team played well and won the match. Congrates to all the players. Special thanks to all the DNC brothers for the hard work employed in making the ground usable. There was tea served after the match for all present. We also had the privilege of having some guest from Austria Hungary to witness the match. Brother Shaining Star SJ was the head behind this initiative. God bless him.

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